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 Change The Default StartUP Of h*a*c*ked S60v3 Device

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PostSubject: Change The Default StartUP Of h*a*c*ked S60v3 Device    20/5/2011, 7:27 am

Bored of the same old 'handshake' in nokia startup?well here is the way to do it in h*a*c*ked (rom patched) phones.

- Enable CAPS OFF
(caps off is enabling access to locked system folders which are normally not openable.if ur phone is h*a*c*ked by hellox,u have to open the rom patcher app and run open4all patch.if u had h*a*c*ked by older apps like hello carbide,u would have a caps off option to enable)

- Use a file browser(i strongly suggest xplore,if u dont have it,get it from application area),enable viewing system,hidden and rom files by changing options in configuration and navigate to Z:\Resource\Apps

- Copy startup.mbm,startup.mif and the rsc file corresponding to installed language(startup.r01 is for english,startup.r03 is for german,etc.mostly people use english) to any folder u like,i am using C drive here.

- Go to the startup.r** u had copied and press 8 to view the hex of the file

- Selection option,find chars and type in Z and search.this will take u to the hex that shows the char Z:\,It will be 5A.Edit it to 43 which is hex for C and save it.
So what you are doing is asking the resource file to look for a startup file in C drive instead of Z drive.

- Replace the startup.mbm(the one u had copied,which is the 'handshake') with any customised startup.mbm(for eg:the vista startup i have given below

- Now copy all the 3 files,startup.mbm,startup.mif and startup.r** which u had edited to C:\Resource\Apps

-Restart and see the difference.

Note: For any changes in future,all you need to do is replace the startup.mbm in C:\Resource\Apps

I am providing step by step screenshot demonstration for u to follow.
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Change The Default StartUP Of h*a*c*ked S60v3 Device
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