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 FirebuzZ bot massenger (update)

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PostSubject: FirebuzZ bot massenger (update)   9/2/2013, 7:56 am

karaye ke bot mitone anjam bde

Wlc bot
answer bot
salam bot
bye bot
msg filter
remoter dare
any join
get avatar in room
asl bot
dg bagharo khodeton chek konid chi dare

kk,id // kick kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid
bn,id // ban kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid
vz,id // Visitorr kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid
mem,id // member kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid
un,id // unban kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid
adm,id // admin kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid
par,id // Participent kardane taraf beja "id" id tarafo bezarid

slm,on // bote salam active mishe
slm,off // bote salam deactive mishe
bye,on // bote bye active mishe
bye,off //bote bye deactive mishe
wlc,on // wlc bot active mishe
wlc,off // wlc bot deactive mishe

asl,on // asl bot active mishe
asl,off //asl bot deactive mishe
asl#asl bot // vase ezafe kardane asl be bot hast masalan asl# mojtaba 20 golestan

--------------answer bot-----------------------
ans,on // answer bot active mishe
ans,off // answer bot deactive mishe

r2#!!v!!onster // shoma mitonid az to rom behesh remot tarif konid va remotero bardarid masalan man goftam remote2 bashe !!v!!onster (ta 8ta remot mitonid bezarid)vase pak kardane remote !!v!!onster injori konid r2# khodesh pak mishe dg !!v!!onster remote nist

r3#id // r4#id // r5#id // r6#id // r7#id // r8#id //

-----------------msg filter------------------
msg,v //active msg filter visitorr //harki harfai ke be bot dadi bege visitorr mishe
msg,k //active msg filter kick // harki harfai ke be bot dadi bege kick mishe
msg,b //active msg filter ban //harki harfai ke be bot dadi ban mishe mishe
msg,off // msg filter deactive mishe
msg1#msg // ezafe kardan msg khak barsari :D be barname ke ta 6ta msg mitonid ezafe konid // msg1#koni // msg2#kos // va... msg6#jende // jae msg harfe ke mikhin filter kone tarafo bezarid

-----------------any join---------------
join,m // harki biad dakhel room member mishe
join,v // harki biad dakhel room visitorr mishe
join,k // harki biad dakhel room kick mishe
join,b // harki biad dakhel room ban mishe
join,off // any join deactive

--------------get avatar in room...---------
get,id // in dastor baees mishe shoma to rom betonid avatar kasiro begirid beja id id tarafo bezarid maslan // get,!!v!!onster //

bot,left // vaghti ino begin bot az rom kharej mishe
bot,gojo // vaghti ino begin bot ba mezah mire biron :D

time // age to rom ino begin beheton saat ro neshon mide daghigh

ye tozihe kochik

vaghti mikhin id login konid avalan be net vasl bayad bashin
bad ghable login berid ghesmate bot stting va yeki az vaziataye zir ro entekhab knid

help ro tu remoter bzanid khodesh mige hamechiro

anti kick shodanesh injorie ke

age to textbox chizi nanvisin pm makhfi mide
va age chizi benvisin pm mide hamono
hatamn bayad roye button anti kick click konid ta faal beshe
age in karo nakonid baz kick mishe

download link:


visit my weblog

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PostSubject: Re: FirebuzZ bot massenger (update)   7/3/2013, 11:39 pm

donwload option kaha ha
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FirebuzZ bot massenger (update)
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